It's a Rainbow Baby | Maternity

My first pregnancy announcement photoshoot was a radiant experience. 


Why was this pregnancy photoshoot especially radiant? Well, because Cheyenne and Jordan are expecting a rainbow baby.


You might be wondering what a rainbow baby is. The term "rainbow baby" is more than a just cute title. Rather, this is a very sensitive topic, and it is an incredibly precious name for an incredibly precious pregnancy.


A rainbow baby is the miracle child following a miscarriage, failed pregnancy, or infant loss. Just like the beauty, peace, and tranquility a rainbow brings following a turbulent storm, a rainbow baby does the same. While the rainbow baby will never replace the child lost before it, it brings joy back into the world of its parents and family. A rainbow baby is a new hope, a new beginning, and a new addition to a family who want nothing more than children to cherish beyond measure for the rest of their lives.


So, you can see why I was so honored to be the one to capture their pregnancy announcement.


This was without a doubt my most colorful photoshoot yet! We lucked out by getting to shoot in the largest sunflower field I have ever seen in my entire life right at its peak of beauty. Since we knew we would have the color yellow featured in our photos abundantly, Cheyenne decided to get balloons in every other color besides yellow, and voila! We then had every color of the rainbow to work with!


Without a doubt, my favorite part of the session was when Cheyenne and Jordan decided to release the balloons.

It was a stunning moment. As the balloons rose higher and higher, we all watched, mesmerized. Maybe it seems silly, but for me, I felt like I was watching something more than just balloons rise up into the sky.

To me, it symbolized letting go of the pain while still paying tribute to their angel baby, while also warmly welcoming their rainbow baby into this world with open arms. It was one of those moments where you felt God/the Universe (or whatever it is you consider to call our higher power) as a strong, omnipresent force surrounding it all. One of those moments that's just still...calm; when you understand that everything is and will be okay.


Also, isn't it ironic that the storm clouds were moving away from us, and the sunlight kept gradually pouring in? I kept thinking, "Hmmm, coincidence...?!"

Once again, hope is symbolized, and this time, in ways out of our control! 

Since sunset was still a few minutes away, we decided to also take some nice portraits of Cheyenne and Jordan, just because, why not?! It would be crazy for us not to. As you can see, this rainbow baby has some photogenic parents.


Just look at that glow!!! We were blessed with a beautiful evening.

I am over the moon with excitement for Cheyenne and Jordan!! It's always heartbreaking to hear of couples struggling with a pregnancy, so, to know everything is going well for them this time around makes me truly thrilled for them. 

I hope you all enjoyed hearing Cheyenne and Jordan's story!! I'll see you on the next blog post!



Skyler Smith