"Down on Main Street..." with Hannah + Jordan | Love

I'm a hopeless romantic, so I guess that's why I enjoy photographing couples as much as I do!

  I loooooooooooooove this shot!

I loooooooooooooove this shot!

Hannah and Jordan were the first of my fall mini sessions this year, and my time with them was so much fun. Despite the intense heat provided by our lovely blazing sun, we still captured some genuinely affectionate shots. 


These first few shots were taken in an abandoned building on Main Street of our hometown. It was once a clothing store, but now, the four walls of this space contain...well, nothing. As sad as it is in some ways, I still find the building to be super rad. I mean, hey--we were able to capture some really unique shots because of it!


We then headed across the street to a solid blue building. It's funny--I have probably passed this specific building hundreds of times throughout my life, but I never really noticed it until I was location scouting several days before our session. I knew immediately that it would serve as an awesome backdrop once I truly paid attention to it.

Isn't it crazy how most days of our lives we "look" at a lot of things, but don't truly "see" them?

Anyway, check out how cool the pattern of this large door is (and how adorable Hannah and Jordan are)!!


As we headed to our next spot, I asked Hannah and Jordan to take a stroll in the center of Main Street...

...and yes, I know this sounds SUPER dangerous, but traffic was very light that afternoon, and I promise I would never, ever put my clients in a situation that I wouldn't get in myself. There were no cars coming either way when we took these, so we shot them quickly, and moved back to the safety of the sidewalk. And just look how awesome they turned out to be!

Soon we arrived at The Star Theater, which is a highly regarded landmark in our hometown. I've been to many productions at the Star, and many fond memories of mine come from inside that building. (In fact, I had a concert there once!) It's a historic, artistic, and tremendously happy place; because of that, we couldn't pass by it without snapping some shots. 


More old, rustic buildings came next, and they did not disappoint! 


It was so easy to work with Hannah and Jordan, because they were both excited to have their photos taken. 

Furthermore, Hannah and Jordan are one of those couples that just make sense. Looking at them, watching them interact, seeing how playful they were--it wasn't hard to gather that they're crazy for one another, and that's what makes a couples session magical. When my couples focus on one another and don't hold their connection back, then all of the "work" it takes to capture great photos is done! 

Also, how Hannah managed to look this gorgeous while wearing a sweater in 80 plus degrees is beyond me. Seriously. 

Hannah and Jordan: thank you for asking me to be your photographer!! As I said before, it was a lot of fun and easy-peasy to work with you all, all because your love for one another is so apparent. Never lose that spark!

I love reminiscing on sessions, and as I said, I'm enjoying getting caught up on my posts so I can start posting more regularly with you all! With that being said, I'll see you for the next one!



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