Jake + Kristin | Love

Hey everybody! I had attempted to catch up and make a blog post for the last ten or so sessions before this one, but I have failed miserably at doing so! So--here I am, and I'm starting from this session on. Hopefully this time I will stay on track. 

You guys!!! I have been so excited to share Jake + Kristin's session to the blog, and the day has finally came!

After getting rained out on the day we had originally planned to have our session, we were all really stoked to finally get to work together.

I think it was meant to be delayed until the day we actually ended up having our photoshoot, because we were blessed with an absolutely stunning sunset beside Lake Cumberland. 


Jake + Kristin's love for one another is apparent to anyone who happens to be near them, and after getting to know the two of them even better, I can tell that besides their romantic bond, they have a very sturdy foundation of friendship built between the two of them as well.

I think that's what it takes to make a lasting couple, and it warms my heart to see two kind, vibrant, and inspiring souls find their way to one another. I know these two are going to share a beautiful life together.


And I mean, even Mother Nature knows these two are meant to be; the sun encircled them in her radiant light to prove it.


It didn't take much for them to start cracking up when they looked at one another, which is another reason I know these two truly admire each other. When you can find pure joy in simple moments together, you will find pure joy together for a lifetime...


Kristin told me that the photo they are holding up was taken EXACTLY four years ago on the day of our shoot! The reason why this is important is because that photo was the first photo they ever took together!!! Is that not wild?! It certainly wasn't planned, but I think it's so magical that it worked out that way. 


Not only did we get to incorporate the first photo they ever took together, but Kristin requested for me to try and feature two poems that she loved and thought represented her and Jake as a couple. Of course I happily obliged!!!

The first poem is called "I Love You," and it says:

"The most beautiful

sound in the world to me

is not forest birdsong

or babbling brooks

or even the ringing

of church bells. 

It's hearing you

whisper "'I love you'"

over and over again."

The second poem, written by rupi kaur, says:

"you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made

all the other loves


I am so glad Kristin thought to do that--it managed to make their session even more precious, and it gave them the opportunity to sit there, read the poems, and think, "Wow...look at this love we get to share."

The photos featured from here on out are some of my favorites. I think the reason I love them so much is because the sun had just set, which allowed the gorgeous golden glow to reflect off of the water surrounding us, and wrap around Kristin + Jake for our final shots. 


This one featured above is my absolute favorite from the entire shoot, and I almost posted the black and white version of it as well!


I was determined to capture a double exposure of one of the poems with their silhouettes. It didn't turn out exactly how I expected, but it's still pretty cool!


I told Kristin that I can't help but smile as I look at photos from the session, and it's true! I genuinely smile in happiness for them as I look at these shots again and write out my thoughts from our shared experience. Their bliss is contagious, and I hope I get the incredible honor to work with them even more in the future!!!

Skyler Smith