Happy Halloween!

Friends!!! Happy Halloween!

By the time most of you are reading this, it'll already be November, but that's okay! Better late than never! 


I absolutely adore fall; I'm pretty sure it's my favorite season. (I would say it is for sure, but, if you know me, you know it's hard for me to pick favorites. I wouldn't want to offend any of the other seasons by saying fall is the best, now would I?) 

As I sit here on Halloween night, I realize that I haven't truly taken the time to fully revel in this years tranquility and transition into the winter months. It seems like things are busiest for everyone around this time of the year (especially for college students like myself), and before you know it, it's Christmas break, and your head is still spinning from all of the projects you've been dedicated to for months. So, while my to-do list seems longer than the total hours of sleep I've been getting each night, I have to remind myself that it's still important to take personal time to clear my head and rejuvenate my energy. Nothing should take away from that. (And yes, I know, things get so busy sometimes with jobs, kids, school, etc., and you may be saying "Personal time. Hah! Yeah, right." But, just find a way to do it. It'll benefit you more than you know. Even if it's just five minutes.)

For me, I use most (if not all) of my personal time taking pictures. Whether it's of nature, my nieces, my dogs, new places...getting my Nikon out to capture completely unscripted moments is a form of therapy to me.

The soft click of the shutter instantly orders any stress to roll off of my shoulders.

As sunset approached today, my goal was to capture some of the lovely autumn leaves. That's it. Just the leaves and their unmistakable grace.


I'm really happy with how they turned out. They calm my mind, and I almost want to print one of these on canvas.

Once the sun had set, I headed inside. A little while later, my nieces stopped by to visit after they finished trick-or-treating. This year they wanted to be "spooky bats," and I promised them that when they stopped by, we could all go play with the fog machine. (Plus, I knew they wouldn't want to pose for standard photos of them in their costumes, so, I knew I had to find a creative way to photograph them. They had fun "flying" through the fog, and I had fun documenting it all, so it was a win-win.)

Prepare yourself for some UBER SPOOKY BAT-NESS. I hope you're ready...


I may be a little biased, but I think these two are the cutest bats I've ever seen.

I hope you all had a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!!! 


Next time I talk to you guys, it'll be N o v e m b e r! Isn't that crazy?!

I'll see you all for the next one.



Skyler Smith