Madison | Senior

Happy Thursday, friends! Also, Happy November!

To kick November off to a great start, I wanted to blog about my session with Madison!!! Madison is another Kentucky Songbird Senior from Burkesville, Kentucky, and I have to say, Burkesville has not disappointed me at all. I've already gotten to meet two awesome seniors from the small (but lovely) town, and I will be meeting and working with another later on this month. 

Madison + I took a trip to the Dale Hollow Lake Resort Park for the nature segment of her session, and it was gorgeous! It was also incredibly bright, which was a shocker to me! We've experienced a lot of gloomy, moody, cold days in the last couple of weeks, but we were greeted with warmth + light at the lake--so much light that it nearly blinded us! Hahaha! But we managed to find our way into a small forest area during the brightest portion of the evening, and once the sun mellowed out a little bit, we ventured back to the waterside and reveled in the golden glow of the sunset.

I swear, this small forest spot reminded me of the Pacific Northwest!! I totally felt like we were in Washington for a moment.


Can you see how strong the glow is off of that water?! A little intimidating, but absolutely stunning. We were definitely not in short supply of glow that evening!

I hate to post three photos that are so similar back-to-back like this, but they're all so pretty! It would be a shame not to share them with you all.

I mean, just check out the glow coming up in these next few images!! 


The sun was setting in the last two shots you've just seen; I distinctly remember looking up after viewing some of the photos on the back of my camera and saying, "Wow! Did you see that?! The sun is gone!"

In the next few photos, you can see the soft light we had left to work with before we headed to our next location. 


As much as I would've loved to have kept shooting at Dale Hollow, it was time to head to our second location, Cumberland County High School, where we took some rad sports shots!!

I had never shot senior photos in a gym before, but I have to say, it was more fun than I expected!! Brainstorming clever and creative ways to capture intriguing portraits in an environment I'm not typically in was invigorating. 


This shot directly above is actually one of my favorites from our entire shoot!! I didn't expect to love some of these gym shots as much as I do!


The photo directly above is another fave; the oddness of this shot paired with Madison's expression is fierce!


And just like that, our session was complete! It FLEW by, as all of the best do. 

It was such an honor to have Madison as another one of my Kentucky Songbird Seniors. With her bright personality, intrinsic motivation, dedication, and (of course) beauty, I have no doubt she is going to go far in this world.

I'll see you all in the next blog post; until then, stay groovy!



Skyler Smith