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Hey there! 

Welcome to my first official blog post. :) I hope to write these frequently, as I feel it would be the perfect way to document and reflect on sessions with clients, as well as sessions conducted on my own, whether those be experimental or following a specific theme I have imagined and wanted to try. So, feel free to stop by regularly and read the thoughts and ideas from my little corner of the photography universe. 

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Mariah and Dylan--two lovely souls who are genuinely in love--and it was a very refreshing afternoon to say the least. 

(Click the photos to scroll through each mini gallery!)

I made the trip to Bloomfield, Kentucky (alongside my mom, who has officially named herself my "photography caddie") where Dylan's family resides. Their property is absolutely stunning, as you are about to see. I mean, come on, they even have stained glass windows. That should give you a hint as to how magical their place is. 

Whether they know it or not, they are naturals in front of the camera. They made these photos so cozy and warm because they were at ease in each other's presence. I never felt as if they were faking any moment. Their admiration for one another is evident, and it makes me happy to know they have each other. Love is beautiful! (I am such a sap and hopeless romantic, so please forgive me if I get mushy. Haha!)

I wanted to play with the lighting a little bit for a few of our shots, and as you can see, I did. Haha. It was such a bright day, but I tried to use the brightness to our advantage. 

When they said they had a hammock, of course, I told them that we had to get some shots on it, too! It was perfect to incorporate for their engagement session: the feeling of floating mid-air is a lot like the feeling you get when you're in love, and the care-free relaxation you can see on their faces as they laid there pours through each shot. That's why a lot of these particular shots ended up being some of my favorites from our afternoon together. 

They wanted to snap a few shots with their super cute cats, and I wasn't going to object to that! They brought the sass and didn't have any trouble striking a pose for me. 

Can you see how I had a lot of trouble narrowing down which ones to post to my Instagram and Facebook feeds?! I felt embarrassed to post so many in a way, because other photographers are more selective and "cool" about how much they post, but then I thought, "Why do I care what other photogs are going to think? This is my feed, and I will run it how I so choose. If I want to post a million of these, I just will." Well, obviously not a million, but you know what I mean. ;) Plus, I knew I could post a lot more for you all to see here on the blog. 

Above are some more of my favorites of the day. You wouldn't necessarily think of a driveway being a pleasant setting for photos, but it actually was. As they were walking towards me, Mariah did a quick little silly dance to make Dylan laugh, and I said, "WAIT! Do that again, please! It was so cute!" And so, they did! All the way back down the driveway. It was a real moment that I felt super lucky to capture.

When they stopped back at the end of the driveway where I was, I had them pose for a few more before we headed to our next spot, and the ones we got there ended up being even more of my favorites of the day. (Who am I kidding? At this point it sounds silly to keep saying "more of my favorites" because I feel like I've said that about so many of them. But seriously, these are some of my favorites.) The light, the wind--the whole vibe of the moment was whimsical and unexpected. 

We would have been crazy to pass up taking some photos in the mini garden in front of the house, so we quickly snapped a few as sunset was approaching. 

I you all see this front porch?! I think that it has a staggering amount of southern charm. 

We concluded our session with a few pictures inside of the alluring family antique mansion. The old paintings and photos that aligned the walls reminded me of the stairwells of the Hogwarts castle (I'm a HUGE Harry Potter geek). So, naturally, I loved this spot, too.

Mariah and Dylan, thank you for asking me to take your engagement photos. It was an honor, and I truly had a wonderful afternoon with you all. 

And if anyone made it to the end of this blog post...thank you for being here. :) I'll see you for the next one.


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