An afternoon with my nieces, Stella and Everly

Everyday, ordinary favorites to look back upon. There is unending beauty in every frame. 

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Two of my favorite subjects to photograph in the whole world: my nieces, Stella and Everly. At three years old, they're already used to me snapping photos of them any chance I get. Sometimes I fear I'll aggravate them, but for the most part, they don't seem to mind. In fact, you'll see in a lot of these pictures that Stella is holding a blue, rectangular (pretend) credit card, which she was calling her "camera." She would hold and aim it as if she were taking pictures as well. It warmed my heart a bit. She's so used to seeing her dad and I taking photos that she's already quite accustomed to it herself. Who knows, maybe she'll be a photographer, too?! 

See?! She pretended to take a picture of Evie, and then in the next photo she was "showing it to her," but Ev was looking at my camera instead! Haha. 

On this particular afternoon, we were all visiting my Nana. The girls love going to her house, and I know Nana is always thrilled that they would ask to spend their afternoon there. (Seriously, they request it!) Someday when they're older and happen to look back at these photos, I hope they smile. While the memories might be fuzzy, I hope they will at least be able to remember a sense of the warmth and love they were surrounded in during these moments. 

In these next photos, the girls each took a turn swinging in the swing my Papa made and put up for me when I was around their age. I wish more than anything he could be here to watch them grow. I know he would have absolutely loved seeing them carry on the tradition that him and I started. Some of the best moments of my childhood belong in that backyard, in that swing. I remember feeling like I went all the way past the rooftop of their house, above the treeline, even, when he pushed me each evening. Many nights we wouldn't go back inside until the sun had set below the horizon.

To some, gently swaying back and forth on a homemade swing may not seem that remarkable.

To me, it is home, safety, companionship, possibilities, dreams, and a promise of something greater always floating above me. 

Of course, they had to take a run through the yard and play with Laddie for a bit before the sun decided to set. At some point, I had to set down my camera and join them, and that is where these photos end. It was a very happy afternoon. I'm so thankful to be their aunt.

I'm sure the blog will see more of these two little ladies in the future, so you won't have to miss them for too long. 

I hope you all are having a beautiful day, and I'll see you for the next one! 

Skyler Smith