Back at the Blog + The Wandering Soul shoot with Bailey

It's been a little bit since I've updated the blog, and I'm mad about it! Haha. Anyway, I'm here, and I have several updates to share.

I'm excited to get the chance to express my thoughts about the last few sessions I've had. The past couple of weeks have been extremely rejuvenating and slightly challenging for me as far as photography goes. I've had the chance to further my skills in new ways and consider new techniques and ideas; thus, my creative process has expanded, and I can see my work improving overall as my personal style becomes more apparent. 

So, first, I want to share a little about a themed photoshoot I had with my best friend, Bailey. Since we were wanting to go for a gypsy/hippie/free spirit type of vibe, she mentioned it would be cool if we named it "The Wandering Soul" shoot. Naturally, I loved the name, so that's what we've officially named it. 

It was a beautiful day out; the skies were clear, making the landscape we shot in vibrant and dramatic in the simplest of ways. Because of that, in addition to the fact that the landscape was mostly bare, I decided to keep the shots minimalistic. I wanted her to be the soul of each shot, and I used the color vibrancy of the sky and land to compliment and frame whatever she was doing.

This wasn't my original thought. I had imagined a more forest-y location that would provide a greater sense of light and shadow, as well as more complex subject matter she could become intertwined with, but I think it worked out for the best. The open-ness of our location better suited a gypsy mindset, anyway: open-mindedness, ready for whatever it is life decides to thrust in the direction you're going.

In the shots where she's in the white outfit, I wanted to accentuate the reds and blues, and also make the yellows very prominent where the greens were. In the pink/purple outfit, I wanted to keep the pinks and purples the primary focus, overexpose the sky to an off-white color at times to create a sense of negative space, and then transform the greens when they are visible to a more golden/burnt yellow shade, because I liked how it complimented the pink/purple in her outfit.

The four transitional shots directly above are probably my favorites from the shoot, if I had to pick any (though I really am happy with several of them). I wanted to intentionally place her between the two trees in the background since they were there; I enjoy the way they frame her as the subject. I think another reason I love these so much is because of the movement. Capturing movement is challenging at times, but that's the reason I enjoy it so much. Movement and action are more believable than a basic pose. You feel so satisfied to look back and see you got at least one golden shot, and lucky for me, this time, I feel like I got four. 

I really like these two featured above as well. They're simple, but effective. Her expression, the use of the scarf, and the colors create a sense of mystery (to me, at least). 

Bailey is always willing to model for me when I have new ideas, and I'm so grateful she loves to be a part of my photography process. She's always down for whatever and totally brings it when she's in front of the lens. Thanks, Bai, for never growing tired of being my muse. 

You'll see Bailey a lot on the blog in the future, and I can't wait for our future shoots! We always have a blast. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I seriously enjoy writing these so much!!! I'll see you all for the next one. 



Skyler Smith