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Hey there, friends!! Welcome back to the blog. Please forgive me for my absence on here. I want to make it a goal to sit down and communicate with you guys here on the blog twice a week, specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, I'm ready, and if you're ready...let's go!

KSP_2110 2-1.jpg

Sweet, sophisticated Sallie turned E I G H T last month, and she was so excited to finally have her dream birthday party--which was a tea/fairy garden party! You're about to see just how precious it was. Well, actually, you should already get a sense of how beautiful it was from this first image! Just look at the warm welcome she gave me!!! I was smiling from ear to ear before I even made my way up their front porch steps. 

First of all, you can see she had the perfect venue for a charming tea party. Just look at this house! 

I couldn't miss capturing all of the details, too. They were almost as adorable as Sallie was! 

Soon after I arrived, it was time for Sallie to blow out the candles, since the main festivities were yet to come! (By the way, those cupcakes were so, so, so good. They're the type of cupcakes you wish you could eat 10 of. Or 11.) All of the tea party attendees made their way into the kitchen to cheer Sallie on as she made her yearly wish. 

This next photo is my favorite from the whole day and because of that, I just have to share both the black and white and color versions of it. To me, it signifies Sallie's excitement to embark on her eighth full year of life here on Earth. I also can't help but adore how she is so carefully holding on to her hair and hat so they don't fall onto the candle flames, while all of her friends are studying how quickly she'll be able to blow each flame out. It reminds me of the bliss I felt for simplicity as a child...

KSP_2199 2-1-2.jpg
KSP_2199 2-1.jpg

...and check out the priceless expressions they all have once she blows the candles out!

KSP_2201 2-1-2.jpg
KSP_2205 2-1-2.jpg

I just can't help but grin as I look at these! Seriously...precious moments, you all. Soak them up when you find yourself in one. 

KSP_2241 2-1-2.jpg

They took a quick moment to enjoy their sweet treat, and then we headed outside to continue all of the festivities!

They all lined up to get a group shot, and of course, I asked them to be silly for one. Well, I suggested it, and they were immediately on board! :) We also had to get a group shot of their dolls, because, uhh, hello! They were party guests, too.

KSP_2312 2-1.jpg

Since it was such a gorgeous day and the girls were all dressed up, we thought, why not get a nice portrait of each of them? So, that's what we did! Look how fabulous they all were! 

Next, it was time for PRESENTS!!! Check out the surprise and pure thrill in these photos! 

Once all of the traditional birthday party rituals had been completed, the girls headed to the backyard to play! As I watched them run around from one thing to another, I yearned to have the energy they did!! Maybe it would've been easier to chase them around if I committed to a proper cardio workout from time to time...? Haha!!!

And here are some of the final shots I got as the party was coming to a close--these details were too breathtaking for me to pass up! 

Sallie, I know your birthday has already came and went, but once again, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your youth to the fullest, always dream big, and remember you are capable of anything you set your mind to. You are already such a smart, sweet, and intelligent young girl, and I can't wait to see where life takes you! I know it will be somewhere great. 

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