Candi | Senior

It's safe to say that Candi helped kick off 2018 to an amazing start!!!

I was stoked to get to work with Candi again! Our first session together was back in the summer, when we focused on capturing outdoor senior portraits--with both nature and urban vibes. For this session, however, Candi wanted to take some portraits in her sports gear, so where better to have the shoot than in her high school gym?

Here are my favorite images from our time together!!


How fierce is she?!

(That's a trick question. She's the epitome of fierce.)

Random technical comment: Shooting portraits in a high school gym (or anywhere indoors) can be tricky--especially when all of the fluorescents seem to have different color temperatures. I spent some extra time in post making sure the white balance was completely accurate, then I tweaked the yellows, oranges, and greens, and then I corrected any remaining color inaccuracies through split toning. My point in saying all of this is to encourage anyone who's ever felt disappointed after shooting indoors to try again! It just takes some time to figure out how to accurately portray color and temperature in photos when using artificial light. When one thing is off, everything can be off. Take your time with your settings and click again!

Also, shoutout to Candi's boyfriend Coy for moving the school's huge (and super heavy) volleyball ladder over to me so I could capture a unique perspective of her for several of our shots! I didn't want to only be standing eye level with her the whole time, or depend on always going low, and I knew shots from above could end up being powerful. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have these!


This next image might be my favorite from the entire shoot! There's just something about it I love.


As mentioned, Candi's incredibly sweet boyfriend, Coy, was also present for the photoshoot, so of course, we had to get some shots of the two of them together as well!

We ended up taking a ton...but you'll see that it was definitely worth it. 

Aren't they adorable?! They're basically the high school couple straight out of a movie. 


It wasn't hard to get them laughing. :)


Actually, this next one might be my very favorite. This is a shot I had envisioned from the get go: her walking out of the gym "for the last time," looking back at her time spent in high school. Obviously it wasn't really the last time she walked out of the gym, but I wanted the image to have a vibe of melancholy reflection.


Before we wrapped things up, we had Coy hang from the rim (like we'd seen him doing earlier) so I could snap a few rad action shots of him. I'm actually really happy with how this one in particular turned out! Even though I don't consider myself an athletic person, action and sports are invigorating for me to capture!


Candi, I always have a ton of fun working with you!! Soak in this last semester of high school as much as you can, because it'll fly by even faster than the fall semester did!

I'll see you all again for the next blog post. Until then, stay groovy!

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Skyler Smith