Makaylee + Blake | Engagement

“If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.”

It’s not everyday you get to shoot an engagement session in a winter wonderland!!

We’ve had quite a bit of snow here in south-central Kentucky over the past few weeks, and while that’s made this season of photography somewhat slow, there are some people who actually want to shoot in the snow! I’m so happy they do, because I’ve always wondered what a snow shoot would be like! Makaylee and Blake’s engagement session was my first, and while it was very cold (insert teeth rattling and a whole lot of brrrrrrrr-ing), it was stunning!

Being surrounded in pure white made for a crisp and cohesive vibe throughout. I believe solid colors convey a sense of strength and certainty, which actually works perfectly for an engagement shoot. Viewers want to know that an engaged couple is strong in their commitment for each other, and thanks to Mother Nature, I think we definitely proved that!

However, I can’t give the snow all of the credit for how delightful Makaylee and Blake look together--they’re just that in love to start with. It’s couples like them that give me hope for finding true love, and I’m genuinely happy they found each other.


For a lot of these images, it's really hard for me to pick whether I like the color or black and white version get to see both. :)


Their color scheme was perfection, honestly. The red against the snow was so vibrant and demanding of attention!


I love it when you can see little snowflakes falling from above in some of these images. The only thing that could've made this shoot even better is if it had been snowing consistently throughout!! The little flakes are magical. 


This next image is one of my favorites out of all of my work thusfar!! Just look at them.


Peep the scarf threads stuck in the ring in this next shot! Haha!!


If I could insert heart eye emojis here, I totally would!!


And can we talk about how great of a job he did picking out her ring?! 

Here comes another favorite!


Ahhh, if only we could've braved the cold a few minutes longer, right?! I absolutely love what we managed to capture in our brief time together, and I'm so thankful the roads were plowed so we could even travel to have the shoot!

Makaylee and Blake, I'm sending you all another HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!!! May the two of you have a long, beautiful, full life together, and may you always take the time to play in the snow when you get the chance! :)


Skyler Smith