Bailey + Hunter | Love

"There ain't nothing like the real thing, baby."

You guys, you guys, you guys!!!

I've been excited to blog these images since the very moment I was taking them! 

My best friend, Bailey (who's been a supporter of my photography business since literally day one), and I planned on having a styled shoot this past Friday afternoon, but it turned out ten times more magical than we could've expected.

Bailey's boyfriend, Hunter, casually mentioned he might stop by after work before he headed home, just so he could say hi to her, and also to see us shoot for a bit! 

However, before he left, he said to us, "Well, since I did dress nice for work today, do you want to get some pictures of us together?" Bai's eyes lit up--she'd been dying for me to get some shots of the two of them for ages now, but the timing hadn't ever worked out...until then, at least!

Naturally, we both were like, "Uh, YES!!!" It was so funny--I wish our reactions had been recorded. I've got to give Hunter a ton of credit here, because there aren't a lot of dudes who'd offer to do have a mini shoot at the last minute, just because he knew it would make her day. 

And indeed, it was an amazing day of shooting--it not only made Bailey's day, but it made mine! Before Hunter even stopped in, Bailey and I had already been having a blast capturing updated headshots and creative portraits. By the end of it all, I had captured over 1,100 images...and I'm sure you can imagine how long it took me to pick out the very best of them all! 

So... *insert drumroll* are the best of the best from our afternoon of shooting!

(I'll start out with Bai + I's favorite portraits we captured, and then the super adorable couple shots will follow!) Enjoy!!!

The styled Portraits


that vibe;

I joked with Bailey that this shot looks like she's sitting at a cafe in Paris. Do you see what I mean...? It just has "that vibe."

Natural light for the win! Just because it was too cold to shoot outside didn't mean we'd pass up that authentic glow. 



I love, love, love a surreal, pure white glow. I hope to capture shots like this more often. 

I look at these images and can't help but think back to our first photoshoot together. It's almost been a whole year, and it's wild to see how far we've both came. We discover something new about our collaborative creative process every time we work together!


This next shot is definitely a favorite of mine from the whole day! Naturally I have to include both the color and black and white version of it.

The way the light is pouring in makes me feel motivated and refreshed, ready to take on a new day. 

Oh my gosh, we’ve got to do a Kermit the Frog inspired shot, Sky! We’d be silly to pass up the opportunity.

I had to include this. I thought it was hilarious! There are so many hilarious little moments during shoots that the world never ends up seeing, but this was one that I thought deserved to be shared. Of course, this one will forever be titled,

"But that's none of my business."


And, after.

This next series of shots are some of my favorite portraits I've ever taken. I let go of what I thought others would find beautiful and did what I thought was beautiful. 

P.S. I also hope I get to shoot with mirror way more often. They're challenging to work with, but so rewarding to work with when you get it right. It feels so personal, you know?

And now,  the magically adorable photos of Bai + Hunter

a.k.a: images of pure, raw, and candid joy


worth the wait;

I've waited so long to see Bai this genuinely happy.

There's nothing like seeing your best friend finally receiving the love she has always deserved.

Get you a man who looks at you
like Hunter looks at Bailey.
— Me

The sole direction I gave them was something along the lines of, "Just interact with each other like you normally would, I'm just going to be moving around, catching you all from different angles and lighting." I'm pretty sure Hunter replied with, "Okay! Like how we act whenever I get home from work." Hahaha! And then...these images happened! 

That's the magical thing about photographing couples who are able to get lost in one end up with images that you could never replicate, because they belong to only that very moment, forevermore. These images showcase their love at 4:15 pm on a Friday afternoon, sitting together beside a set of windows that allowed them to watch the sun go down, when all they had to focus on was what they felt for one another.

Having the incredible responsibility of being the one to document such moments is almost unexplainable. 


Giggles persisted throughout, especially when he did cute little things like this!


And in true "us" fashion, we wrapped the shoot up with a few laughs! I can't help but smile myself as I look at the next sequence of images!!


Gosh, now I'm all emotional and sappy and teary eyed!!!

Side note to the Universe: please allow me to be blessed with many, many, many, many, many more love sessions like this in the near future!

I've truly enjoyed writing about this shoot for you all, because it meant a lot to me, as well as Bailey and Hunter!

If you and your person are in love like they are...what are you waiting for?! Send me a message and we'll shoot!!

*insert tons of heart-eyed emojis*

Anyway, I'll see you all for the next one! Until then, stay groovy!!




Skyler Smith