Kentucky Songbird Photography



February 6, 2019

The first time I met little Sophie, she was only days old. Her momma, Hanna, contacted me to capture some newborn photos of her, and that was officially the first time we ever worked together. I remember thinking how sweet of a baby girl she was, that she was going to have lots of personality, and I could clearly see how much she was already loved.

I saw Sophie again when fall rolled around and it was time to capture family portraits of all of the whole Durbin family together!

And just days ago, we documented Sophie at six months. When I see them again, we’ll be celebrating Sophie’s sister Shilah’s second birthday.

Hanna told me how much it means to her to have photographs of her family, and further, to have photographs of her with her family! Often times, it’s the mommas who are behind the camera capturing the moments for safe keeping. In many instances, that also means that they aren’t included in many of them.

Luckily for Sophie (and Shilah), they will have photos to look back upon with their mom (and dad), because they recognized the importance of doing so!

With all of that being said, here are a few of my favorites from our time together this past Sunday; the sunshine, combined with being in a large, open field, made for refreshing images that share hints of spring time!


Sophie looks mesmerized by the sunshine peeking through the blanket here! How cute is her expression?! And her little strawberry shirt is “so stinkin,” as they say here in the South!


At six months old, she holds herself up really well, and honestly, she looks more proper sitting up than I do!!! Haha!


Check out those eyes!!!


I had to include this behind-the-scenes shot that Cam took while second shooting! It’s so neat to see a photo of a photo being taken!


After our session, the drive back home was simply stunning. We really do live in a beautiful state, and I’m proud to call it home.

I can’t wait to work with the Durbin’s again, and I’m sure I’ll be emotional at how much little Sophie will have grown since this last session! I truly can’t express how beautiful it is to see their family grow and flourish. Connections like this really are what it’s all about.



Skyler Smith