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March 6, 2019

This little guy sure is special to me!


This is Owen. He just turned nine months old, which blows my mind! I’ve been documenting his life since before he was even born!!!

In fact, I’ve been working with his family since March of last year, when I captured Hannah’s maternity portraits! It feels like yesterday, yet here we are…and Owen is only three months shy from turning one year old!

Since I’m feeling sentimental…I’m going to share a few of my favorites from that very first session. (I’ll be quick, I promise!) It brings a smile to my face when I think about it.

At the time, this session really lifted my spirits, more than anyone probably knew. I’ll never forget it. My Nana had just passed away a couple of weeks prior, and I was feeling extremely low about life. I think it can be universally understood how hard it is to lose a grandma, and I was very, very close with mine.

After her passing, photography became that much more important to me. I felt a huge sense of desperation to document the stories of those in my life to the best of my ability, to not miss anything…

And getting to photograph the journey of new life inspired me in the most uplifting of ways. I could sense the joy in Hannah and her family’s presence, and it gave me hope. “Better days are coming,” I thought. Being a part of their joy made me joyful, and knowing that my photographs would become such a precious part of their journey gave me a sense of purpose.


And today…this sense of purpose is stronger than ever. Just look at this little dude. Look at his smile, and check out that curly hair!!!

I’m not sure that I’ve ever shared that with anyone, but it feels amazing to do so now. I’m so grateful for this family, and that I get to do what I do.


Since Hannah’s maternity shoot, we have worked together for Owen’s newborn photos, his 3 month old photos, 6 month old photos, and then of course, now, his 9 month old photos!

This time around, though, Hannah wanted to try something different: she asked if we could have the photoshoot in their home, where Owen could do his thing and feel completely comfortable in his environment!

I was ecstatic!!!

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to have more in-home sessions, and possibly delve into that specialty for my clients who desire them!

Not only are in-home sessions unique, but they also allow clients to go into their shoot with more confidence and relaxation. Since they already know the environment, they’re able to more genuinely interact with their family and surroundings. All of the hard work is left up to me!!!

See for yourself––here are my favorites from Owen’s in-home session!


joy (noun): a state of happiness or felicity


Every mama deserves a capture like this with their little one(s)! There’s something about this one that I just love! Their matching denim makes it all that much cuter, too.


These two images might just be my favorites from all of our times together combined…


These next few are all fairly similar, but I struggled picking one…so…here’s all of the ones I attempted to choose between! Haha!


What a photogenic little dude!!!


What do you guys think of overhead shots similar to this one? I like the change in perspective!


Owen’s changing table is literally a TOOL BOX! How neat is that?! It’s adorable, yes, but he can even utilize this when he gets older and actually needs a tool box of his own someday!


I had to include this one, because the gallery wall behind Owen had me tearing up.

It meant a whole lot to me to see these images from our past sessions showcased, and showcased so beautifully. Seriously. To know these photos are so enjoyed makes me feel like I’m doing something right! The gallery wall was the first thing I noticed as Cam and I walked into their home, and I knew instantly that I should try to get a shot with it in the background somehow!!!


More shots with mama, because, why not?

Before we wrapped things up, we let Owen crawl around and do his own thing for a few minutes. I personally think that the shots from this period of time turned out precious and carefree! Capturing him in his environment without any direction from me was a necessary part of the shoot; in doing so, we ended up with images that we couldn’t have even tried to pose if we’d wanted to!


Like this sneeze, for instance…hahaha!

I sincerely look forward to seeing little Owen for his first birthday! I’m sure I’ll be blown away with how much he’ll have grown by then…

Let me know what you guys think about in-home sessions in the comments below! Also, feel free to leave any questions you may have about them down there as well!

I’m so inspired as I venture into this new field of shooting!!! Would you all be interested in a special offer for a shoot like this with your own family? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be brainstorming something up, just for you all…



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