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It’s not super often that furry family members come to sessions...but when they do, there’s no shortage of laughter!


I always joke that I get my cardio in at sessions, because I’m usually moving around like a crazy person; whether it’s jogging around and trying to get different angles of things, laying flat on the ground, squatting, standing on my tippy toes, you name it, I push myself to try new things and make each session unique, no matter how silly I appear.

When doggos come along, at least my bizarre behavior is justified a little more, right?!

Here’s the awesome thing, though: Jansen and Caleb’s sweet dog Ramsey was super easy to work with!

I have to share a little backstory: Jansen and I go waaaaaaay back!

We’ve known of each other a long time. It was during our eighth grade year, though, when we became really close friends. Her, one of our other close friends, Ryan, and I would get together most weekends in eighth grade and early high school. Whether we were watching movies on air mattresses (I bet we watched Bridesmaids all the way through at least thirty times), eating dinner from the kid’s menu at our local Mexican restaurant, making goofy videos on the PhotoBooth on my computer, or staying up late together on snowy school nights together, praying school would get called off (it usually did)—we were always up to something comical!

It’s safe to say we have a lot of happy memories together, and I was so thrilled when she contacted me to have a photo shoot with her, her husband Caleb, and their dog Ramsey once they arrived back to the states after being in Germany! (The two lived there around three years while Caleb was stationed there for the army).

What’s really ironic is that Jansen wasn’t a huge dog person back in the day...and now she absolutely adores her sweet Ramsey!!! It’s hilarious and beautiful all at the same time. 

See for yourself how sweet Caleb, Jansen, and Ramsey’s photos turned out! The meadow of wildflowers created such a happy vibe to match their energy!


Jansen, it was so great to hang out with you after all of these years, to finally meet the love of your life, and to meet your all’s son, Ramsey! ;) Catching up, it felt like we had just seen one another yesterday!

(And Caleb—thank you for taking such good care of my friend…I can tell she’s in good hands!)

Thanks for tuning in, friends. See you all in the next post!



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